What services does Obi1Media offer?

We offer a plethora of services that would help you achieve your desired marketing goals. In the simplest words, we offer business growth as a service to our healthcare clients.

Social Media Marketing

You might be thinking: a hospital or healthcare facility doesn’t need social media marketing. That might be true if you’re content with the facility coming up as a search result behind other competitors in your area.

A social media presence, combined with Search Engine Optimization, boosts the likelihood that patients will turn to your facility for treatment.

You might also think that SEO and social media are two separate ballparks. But there is actually a lot that social media can do for your search engine ranking. Here’s a few reasons how a digital presence can affect your healthcare facility.

Search Engine Optimisation

By now, everyone knows that SEO is key to any company’s success online. By using SEO strategies, you can drive traffic to your website, and ultimately, to your services. This is especially true for healthcare professionals who are trying to promote important services.  See how our SEO services can benefit you.

Video Marketing

Did you know that around 80% of the content consumed online is video? With that in mind, it almost seems foolish to miss out on the chance to use video marketing in healthcare. Unlike reading lengthy paragraphs of text, watching a video isn’t laborious. It’s also an excellent opportunity to show your personality to your target demographic, making you more approachable as a clinician. If you’re considering using video marketing in a healthcare setting, the team at Obi1Media is here to show you why this is an excellent use of your advertising budget.

Reputation Management

Every physician should ask themselves two questions: How many new patients am I getting each month and what can I do to increase that number? Long gone are the days when patient referrals were enough to keep medical practices going. Not only are there more choices for anyone looking for a new doctor; there are also more public venues for patients to share their experiences. Unfortunately, they are more likely to share the ones that are negative.

Google AdWords

Attracting new patients to your healthcare practice may feel challenging. Unless someone has recently moved to your area, they probably already have a strong relationship with their physician. Others may choose to pick someone new based on word of mouth as they trust the recommendations made by friends and family.

As a modern healthcare practice, you should always have a web presence. But when you’re struggling to drive traffic toward your site, you need to turn to advertising. This is where Google Adwords comes in. In addition to capturing the attention of prospective patients, a strong PPC campaign will drive traffic to your site while you build your organic SEO reach. We’re here to show you how Google AdWords can help a healthcare practice and the best ways for you to use it.

Top Reasons Why Obi1Media Is The Agency For You

We offer a variety of services here to get you started and successfully suite every need.

Healthcare Focused

We are not just any digital marketing agency. But, we are a healthcare focused digital marketing agency. It means we understand your business and how to market it.

15 Days Of Free Consultation

We like to prove our muscle in marketing before we sign a paid contract with you. Now, how many agencies can say that?

Video First Marketing

We rely heavily on using videos to push your marketing campaigns. If you don’t have any videos, no worries, we will make them for you.

Data Driven

We make marketing decision purely based on data, which help us achieve success with every client.

Lead Generation From Day 1

We deliver results from the very first day. You can start seeing leads populating in the CRM as soon as we launch your campaigns.

Every Client Matters

We put in 10x efforts to understand your healthcare business and build tailored marketing plans that work.

We understand your healthcare business better than everyone else.
Let’s start generating lead for you!