A digital marketing agency is a valuable asset that can transform your under-the-radar business into a powerhouse. However, it can be daunting to find a digital marketing agency that will best suit your needs. Here are some factors to consider before making the big decision.

Do they Have an Exceptional Website?

This may seem superficial, but it’s actually a pretty good indicator of how effective the company will be. You should look at their website and feel impressed by how user-friendly, well designed, and comprehensive it is.

You should also be able to find them through a search engine with minimal effort. If they are skilled at SEO, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t have a good search engine ranking.

If they’re promising to build you a strong marketing strategy, they should possess one themselves. Look for a very active blog, an interactive design, and a conversational approach.

Do They Have a Well-Rounded Team?

A single skillset rarely matches up to several people’s combined knowledge. If the digital marketing agency you are considering doesn’t have a diverse team of individuals with different specialties, that’s a bad sign.

There are so many facets to digital marketing, so don’t expect a team of only one person or a few people to be able to match the work ethic of a collaborative team.

Can They Answer Your Questions?

It’s important that you have a baseline knowledge of the services you are seeking to hire a company for. Ask what tools they use to complete projects. For measuring website performance, do they use Google Analytics? For email marketing, do they use MailChimp?

If the agency uses leading programs like these, there’s a high chance they’re up to date with industry trends and well-equipped to provide you with the services you need.

Do You Have Chemistry?

Spend some time getting to know their business practices. Is the website designed in a style that you like? Is the content on their blog written in a voice that resonates with you? Do you respect their mission statement and see yourself working with them?

Even if it’s a business relationship, it’s important to get along. You should only hire a company if you respect them and see yourself building a long-term relationship.

Keep These Tips in Mind

Narrow Your Search

Know what you’re looking for before searching for a digital marketing agency. Many agencies specialize in something, so try and align your search with those specializations in mind.

Is PPC (pay-per-click) the area you need the most help with? Do you need to learn how to optimize your website for search engines? Or, are you looking for help with analytics? Having a clear vision of the type of assistance you need will help you narrow your search and find a digital marketing agency that is the best fit for you.

Know Your Budget

The amount you should be spending on marketing varies depending on what type of business you are. Some companies require more social media and design work, whereas some do not prioritize social media and place more emphasis on SEO.

All of these things cost different amounts, so figure out what areas need work so your marketer can work with you and come up with a fair price.

Research, Research, Research

There’s a lot of information you can find about a company if you search for it. Know who you’re going into business with before doing so by gathering as much information as you can.

Explore the agency’s past work and pay special attention to the success of that past work. Make sure they can talk about this success and explain it to you in a way that is transferrable to your specific needs.

Take into consideration the types of businesses they have worked for in the past. Are those companies similar to yours?


In the search for the perfect digital marketing agency, there are plenty of factors to consider. We take an all-encompassing approach by offering a variety of useful services and deliver exactly what we promise. Explore our services here.

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