It costs five times as much to acquire a brand-new customer as it does to market to an existing one. Some
doctors overlook this and may spend a lot of money trying to reach out to new prospects. Yet, they can
often retarget people who are on their current database using some of the latest tools and technology. If
you have a list of customers on your system who appear to be dormant, what should you do about it?

Ready for Launch

Marketing experts advise launching a reactivation campaign. You’ll reach out to customers who may be
inactive by using a targeted messaging approach. The idea is to motivate them to engage with you once
again and make an appointment. They will remember why they signed up for your database in the first
place and refocus on your services.

SMS Solution

In the past, email reactivation campaigns have been very effective, and they still can be. However, text
campaigns using SMS messaging technology can be very fruitful, especially as most people carry their
smartphone with them at all times. Typically, they will read an SMS message as soon as they receive it.
They will often take action there and then.

In-App Messaging

If your practice has a mobile app, you should send messages within the app to those who have
downloaded the tool. Alternatively, you can send push notifications to the mobile number that you have on
file for the individual. You can prompt users to log into the app that they may have downloaded in the past
to reactivate it as well.

Expected Results

Certainly, you may find that a number of people on your database choose to opt-out at this point. They
may send a message back requesting that you do not contact them again. This is to be expected but is
usually outweighed by the number that choose to re-engage and take the action suggested in the
message. This may especially be the case if they have never taken full advantage of your service before or
have only made a one-time purchase.

Making an Impact

Remember, you have a very limited amount of real estate available when you send an SMS message.
Consequently, you have to make sure that each word is important, makes sense, and spurs them to take
further action.

Prompting Action

It’s best if the message requires an immediate act of some kind, as the recipient is far more likely to
engage at that very moment rather than at some time in the future. This will almost certainly make your
conversion rate higher.
Alternatively, you could ask them a leading question that is designed to pique their interest and provide
them with an incentive for doing so. This could be a survey of some kind, which they can access through a
shortened URL.

Your Campaign

If your database is more sleepy than it is active, get in touch with a marketing company for help. They’ll be
able to help you initiate a reactivation campaign using targeted SMS messaging.

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