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Did you know that around 80% of the content consumed online is video? With that in mind, it almost seems foolish to miss out on the chance to use video marketing in healthcare. Unlike reading lengthy paragraphs of text, watching a video isn’t laborious. It’s also an excellent opportunity to show your personality to your target demographic, making you more approachable as a clinician. If you’re considering using video marketing in a healthcare setting, the team at Obi1Media is here to show you why this is an excellent use of your advertising budget.

The benefits of video marketing in healthcare

Digital marketing is always evolving, but it appears the video trend is here to stay. With sites such as YouTube almost consistently gathering traction and video-based features available throughout social media channels, there are plenty of opportunities for you to use it to your advantage.

If you’re still not convinced, here are a few statistics to consider:

  • 82% of people who use Twitter watch videos on there.
  • 87% of online marketers choose to create video content.
  • Around 45% of people watch at least one hour of Facebook or YouTube videos each day.
  • 85% of Internet users in the United States watch videos online.
  • Those who watch the most videos are millennials aged 25 to 34.

Using what we already know about video marketing, it’s safe to say it could play a strong role in your advertising strategy. As you’re likely already aware, patients use the Internet to their advantage when trying to find a physician or allied health professional. In addition to looking for reviews, they’ll analyze how professional your site looks. They’re also likely to form opinions about your online presence. As those who already use video marketing know, the best way to show off your true self is to upload a video and let your personality shine.

The different types of video marketing you can use as a healthcare professional

One of the biggest perks of using video marketing in healthcare is that you can make yourself more approachable. It’s often the case that patients are coming to you armed with some of their most personal details, so it’s only natural that they’re likely to gravitate toward a professional who’s approachable. Some of the different ways you can achieve this include:

Biographical videos

Using a biographical video is an excellent way to make your mark when you’re a physician who’s new to the area. You can still use them if you’re established in your area, though, and they can prove very useful when you’re facing a lot of competition within your specialty. Launching such videos across sites such as Facebook and Instagram will help you tap into your local market, as the Obi1Media team can tune your advertising settings accordingly.


While there was once a time when vlogs were the staple of YouTubers who appealed to teenagers, today they can be used by healthcare professionals as a marketing tool. Whether you’re a physiotherapist who’s taken on new training or you’re a physician with a new type of treatment, releasing a vlog about your news can generate a buzz. Each vlog can become like a forward-thinking press release in which you allow your patients to see how the new treatment or technique works. Naturally, this trumps simply telling them that it does work.


Whether you’re a physician, midwife, or physiotherapist, you’ll already know that patients like to ask questions. Although there are many instances when these questions will be unique to the patient, this isn’t always the case. There’s always going to be those questions that have common running themes, which you can answer as part of a video interview. Adding these videos to your website and social media channel is like publishing an FAQ section that’s more likely to generate significant attention. Additionally, using interviews as a form of video marketing for healthcare professionals is a great way to generate publicity around ongoing research or recent publications.

Showcasing new facilities or procedures

The healthcare world is always advancing, so when you add new technologies, procedures, or facilities to your practice, you’ll want to show them off to the world. One way to achieve this is to use video marketing for healthcare professionals. For example, you could try the following approaches:

  • Creating a video tour of your new facilities that makes patients want to use them.
  • Showing off your skills with a new procedure that’s industry-renowned.
  • Demonstrating how new forms of technology work.

In each example, you’re giving patients the chance to see what your new facilities and procedures are before they try them. When they see the proof for themselves, they may be more likely to give them a chance.

Why video marketing in healthcare is so effective

To understand why video marketing in healthcare is so effective, you need to understand the patient retention journey.

Each patient’s journey starts with them developing an awareness of your existence. This could happen through word of mouth. Or, they may search for you online or see an ad on Facebook.

Once a patient is aware you exist, they will start to educate themselves. They already have an idea of what they want, but now they want to know if you can give it to them. Reading through reams of text is often boring, but watching a quick factual video isn’t.

Next, the patient will either take a positive or negative action. A negative action involves them deciding you’re not right for them. A positive one involves them making an appointment. Always remember, they’ll take these actions based on what they see online.

Upon attending their appointment, your patients will be delighted with the service they receive, which means they’re then likely to return for more.

As you can see, your patient is going to dedicate some of this journey to finding out more about you and confirming that you’re the right healthcare professional for them. Using video marketing, you can provide this information. Because video is the format you’re using, they’re more likely to develop an attachment to you than if you use text alone.

If you’re convinced video marketing is right for you, come to Obi1Media. You can contact us here, or you can call us at 281-683-7071.

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