Marketing is the second phase of establishing a business, and perhaps the most pivotal step in its growth, for it can make or break reputations in an instant.

At Obi1Media, we cater to healthcare companies, clinicians and practitioners to help their business establish a strong online presence.

If you are a healthcare business looking to expand your customer base and don’t know how to maneuver this house of cards, fret not, for Obi1Media is here for you.

We offer the following services, to ensure the growth of your clinic:

Video Marketing: This is no secret to the marketing world that consumers respond best to video advertisements. There are a number of factors that make videos the most persuasive, number one being the engagement avenues that they offer. Don’t believe us? Believe the stats:

•            51% of marketing professionals say that video is the content type that has the best ROI

•            64% of consumers commit to purchase after viewing branded social videos

•            Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined

•            And marketers who rely on video have experienced a revenue growth rate that is 49% faster than non-video users

We live in a digital age with various social media platforms, and the rules for each of these differ from the other. These limitations mean businesses have to adapt their content to the platform. Here, we step in as your Jedi, to guide you across the confusing algorithms and provide the best consumer engagement.

Influencer Marketing: In today’s day and age, influencers wield a power almost comparable to that of superheroes. To engage better with an audience, brands need to tell a story. Influencers act as an integral part of these stories, and in doing so, build relationships with their audience. Bloggers who have steadily built an online presence and a loyal fan base by putting out high-value, highly-engaging content have managed to create yet another stream of income for the sheer reach they can deliver: Influence over their audience.

Navigating the influencer ocean can be tricky, for the audience must never feel as though the integrity of the influencer is compromised by collaborations with marketers and brands, which is where we can help you with our professional consultation. No one likes a “sell out”, after all.

Search Marketing: In this age, where the word “Google” has found its niche as a verb and has almost completely replaced the phrases “search for” and “look up”, it is no secret that Search Engines are of utmost importance. They provide the first impression of your brand to your customers and even determine what’s on the Trending page. It is vital that you position content according to the buyer’s journey, in order to stay relevant. All of this must be done without compromising on integrity, and losing your audience to the increasingly infamous “click-bait content”.

We at Obi1Media offer Search Marketing Services to maintain that fine balance between relevancy and trustworthiness of your brand. We can help you with Search Engine Optimization, pay-per-click advertising, AdWords campaigns and even more!

Social Media Marketing: With the rise in the number of social media platforms, and a decrease in the attention span of the audience, it has become immensely tricky to stay relevant.

Every day, it gets increasingly important to be a part of the conversation. We at Obi1 Media can help you achieve that, by customizing campaigns to engage with your audience, so that you can keep your head above the treacherous waters of marketing.

We believe that every business has a unique voice, and in this era of celebrating diversity, your unique voice deserves a shot at being heard. We cater to a variety of social media platforms. By partnering with us, you can expand your presence on all platforms without feeling overwhelmed.

Automation with Chat Bots: Imagine talking to a robot. If you heard a monotonous voice with a mechanical accent, you might want to buckle in your seatbelt, for your perspective’s about to be changed.

Here at Obi1Media, we offer the services of ChatBots; that would help your consumers interact with a friendly, intuitive automated interface, as a precursor to accessing support from your website. Ironically, the chatbots might even turn out to be more human than the actual tech support.

With the facilities of instant and intuitive response, we can program the chatbots to offer more personal brand support to a larger number of people at a faster rate than is humanly possible.

Now, these are the services we offer. But the catch is yet to come. We offer our clients 15 Days of Marketing Consultation, absolutely Free. Depending on the requirements and objectives of your company, we run campaigns on multiple platforms before having you onboard on a paid contract.  During this free consultation period, we generate 20-50 leads to give you an impressive headstart and prove our worth.

Once that’s established, we launch strategized ad campaigns on multiple platforms to help build your company. We are sure no other agency will offer you this.

Get yourself 15 days Free Healthcare Marketing Consultation, today!

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