About us

At Obi1Media, we believe results are more convincing than just promises. We have proven our value by increasing lead flow by up to 400% for our clients, in various healthcare industries such as Vein & Vascular Practice, Pain Management, Addiction Rehabilitation, ObGyn Practice, Nephrology & Dialysis Practice, Orthopedics Practice, Family & Primary Care Practice etc.

We are Highly Driven by Performance Oriented Goals

Meet Our Experts

Obi1media strives to deliver the digital marketing strategies that would allow your healthcare practice to grow with unparalleled success.

Dr Obinna Nwobi
CEO & Founder

Dr Obinna Nwobi, Founder and CEO of Obi1Media, is a US trained, and Board-Certified Vascular Surgeon. He saw firsthand the challenges posed to physician practices by traditional brick and mortar marketing processes, its uncontrollable costs, unpredictable and unmeasurable Return on Investment (Roi), and this led him to incubate the Digital Marketing Company - Obi1Media. Dr Nwobi is an innovator and ideator at heart, his unmatched passion to think outside the box sets Obi1Media apart from the competition.

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