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You Don't Measure Success In "Leads"

Why hire a digital media company for your private practice? Obi1Media’s goal is simple: Get new patients through your door. Our healthcare digital marketing services provides doctors just like you with full turn-key physician marketing solutions. From bringing in new patients, to making sure they arrive on time for their appointment, we’re there. We ensure every step of the customer journey is a success. We’re so confident in our healthcare marketing program that we don’t have contracts. During your monthly 1 on 1 meetings our with client success team, we make sure we’re delivering the results you want. You’re able to opt out without any hassle or cancellation fees.

Dr. Nwobi

Dr. Obionna Nwobi, MD, Founder of Vein Health Institute and Obi1 Media, Digital Marketing Group

Patients On Demand

And that’s the profit in your pipeline. OBI1 Media is more than a marketing company, we’re your growth partner. We do the heavy lifting when it comes to digital marketing for doctors and healthcare professionals. Our team personally contacts every new potential patient to ensure they’re educated and prepared to make the jump from their first time consultation to scheduling their procedures.


"From 0 Patient Base To 10-12 New Patients From Digital Leads!"

So initially my goal was to start off with you know four to five six patients a month but i've literally gotten up to 10 or 12 patients a month using ob1 media without even extending my ad expenditure so that's been a huge blessing for our company.

Dr. Josh Russ, Total Joint Vitality of Lake Thormond

OB1 Media Partner Since 2020


Start More New Patients
Every Month

Our proven systems and proprietary OBI™ framework (marketing, software, and training) power the country’s fastest-growing Vascular Surgeon & Physician
practices. We’ll help you book more consults every month, reduce your no-show rate, build a 5-star reputation, and grow your practice faster
than you thought possible — from online traffic to unlimited growth.

Comprehensive Solutions to Grow:


Get More Digital Leads

With customized ads for Google, Facebook & Instagram


Book More Consults

With automated follow-up and staff training


Track Your Progress

With transparent revenue and ROI tracking


Explode Your Growth

With a 5-star online reputation and happy patients


"Strategies That Generate Leads"

"Our experience with the software and staff has been great. The software is easy to navigate and the staff is readily available to assist with any of your needs. The staff is polite as well and they come up with great ideas to generate leads."

Dr Christian Oraedu, MD. Surgical Consultants of Central Florida

OBI 1 Media Partner Since 2019

"My Referrals Grew Overnight"

Obi1Media is different then consultants we’ve tried because my marketing is actually managed by another physician. It’s more like a partnership. They clearly understand what it takes to bring us new leads that help us get results.

Dr Nicole Garcia, MD LA Vitality Walnut Creek, CA

OBI 1 Media Partner Since 2021

The Only Marketing Partner
You'll Ever Need


Are you ready for a growth system that’s proven to drive exponential results for private practices of all sizes?

We’ll help you transform your practice to serve your patients better, empower your team, and build a business and lifestyle that are 100% sustainable.

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Why Doctors Should Use Digital Marketing For Their Healthcare Practice in 2022

As technology rapidly evolves, so too does the way we market to consumers. In order to stay ahead of the curve, medical practitioners must employ digital marketers who are skilled in reaching and engaging today's tech-savvy patients.


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